Episode 37: Answering Questions about Abortion

I do my best to respond to some common questions about abortion.

Will making abortion illegal actually reduce abortions?

Even if abortion is wrong, don’t you have to be a Christian to understand why it’s wrong, and is it right to impose a Christian view of morality on others?

Do pro-life people only care about a fetus before it’s born?

Is politics the best solution?

Isn’t it more of a state than federal issue?

Bonus! What about all the fertilized eggs that never implant?

Episode 34: Colts’ Offseason, Tim Tebow, and Aaron Rodgers

I’m cautiously optimistic about Carson Wentz, but I’ve never loved him.

Chris Ballard has taken way too much heat this offseason, and has proven once again that his patience has led to the Colts being in the best possible position.

What’s not to like about Tim Tebow to the Jags?

Aaron Rodgers needs to stick with what he’s got in Green Bay.

Episode 32: Yes, Roe v. Wade Should be a Voting Issue for Christians

In this episode, I respond to a viral video made by Skye Jethani and Phil Vischer, arguing that Pro-life Christians should not see Roe v. Wade as relevant in their voting.



1. No, Christians are not turning a blind eye to “un-Christian policies” because of Roe v. Wade.

2. Of course Republican presidents don’t reduce the number of abortions; Roe v. Wade prevents that from happening.

3. We all know that overturning Roe v. Wade wouldn’t end abortion in America, but it’s nonetheless a very important step.

4. It’s wrong to think Roe v. Wade will never be overturned, because:

a) Republicans are about 50/50 on appointing originalist, pro-life judges.

b) The Federalist Society is a better indicator of originalist jurisprudence than the party of the appointing president.

c) John Roberts doesn’t believe precedent should never be overturned

d) Roe v. Wade was almost overturned in 1992.

5. ON THIS DAY IN 1987, Joe Biden ensured Roe v. Wade would last for three more decades.

Episode 28.7: Shibboleth

There’s enormous pressure on corporations, universities, and public figures to release vague statements aligning themselves with the Black Lives Matter movement or condemning racism, but in such a milieu, these statements become more about proving oneself than about advancing meaningful ideas. As an example, I discuss a recent petition for my Alma Mater, Hillsdale College, to prove itself not-racist by releasing a statement.

Episode 28.2: Problems with Policing in America

I discuss the killing of George Floyd, the 2016 killing of Daniel Shaver, and the instances of non-lethal police brutality we’ve seen in the last few weeks, arguing that there seem to be systemic problems with how police are trained in America, and the issues are not just racism, even if they disproportionately affect black people. At the same time, police overall do a lot of good, and I’m grateful to have them. This is part 2 in a series of episodes about race, police, protests, riots, and BLM. See the first episode here.

Episode 18: Kanye’s “Jesus Is King” (with Chris Greene)

Chris joins me for the second time to discuss why he’s excited about Kanye West’s latest album, which is full of Christian themes and topics. Chris discusses this album along with some of Ye’s older music, and talks about how his recent conversion seems to be the culmination of a long process of spiritual searching.


This podcast is loosely about politics, football, faith, and theology. I started it because I enjoy telling people my opinions on all of the above areas, but also because I enjoy a good discussion. For that reason, this podcast will have episodes where it’s just me talking and spouting my crazy opinions, as well as interviews where I discuss politics, football, or faith and theology with a guest.

If you want to know where I’m coming from, I’m a Christian in the Reformed theological tradition. When I say I’m a Christian, I mean I believe a Jewish man named Jesus who lived and died 2000 years ago is alive today and is king of the universe. When I say I’m in the Reformed tradition, I mainly mean that I believe that while God gives us many excellent sources of wisdom and knowledge, God’s revelation in Scripture is the only absolute authority for Christians.

I am also a conservative and a Colts fan.

I think having good conversations about controversial issues with people we disagree with is in some sense a lost art, and one of my goals is to help restore healthy discourse about politics and theology. For that reason, I approach interviews with people I disagree with as conversations rather than debates. I’m not trying to “score points” with an audience; I’m trying to better understand the person’s position and help him/her to better understand my position, and see if can at least agree on what it is we disagree about and why, all while a microphone happens to be running. I am willing to interview anyone from any political or theological background: Protestant, Roman Catholic, atheist, Muslim, conservative, progressive, alt-right, antifa, libertarian, whatever. Just no Patriots fans. You have to draw the line somewhere!

The music is taken from a song called “Make Me Cry” by Forstory, a band my brother is in. It’s used with permission. They’re pretty amazing, as you can tell just from the clips I use. Here’s their website: https://www.forstorymusic.com/